Crop Improvement

This department encompasses the units like Plant Breeding & Genetics, Agricultural Microbiology, Crop Physiology, Biotechnology & Biochemistry and Seed science & Technology.

Under Biotechnology, 3 courses are offered. The laboratory is well established with instruments like PCR machine, Gel Documentation system, Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis, Vertical Gel Electrophoresis, Millipore Unit, Laminar air flow chamber, UV – Vis and Spectrophotometer. The department also has well equipped tissue culture lab with all the facilities to provide hands on experience to the students.

The faculty members in the department are actively involved in research in thrust areas such as Plant Biotechnology, Tissue culture, Nanotechnology and Plant Biochemistry.

Courses offered

PBG 101 Introduction to Agricultural botany (1+1)
PBG 102 Principles of Genetics (2+1)
ABT 201 Applied Plant Biotechnology (1+1)
ABT 301 Principles and Methods of Plant Breeding (2+1)
PBG 301 Breeding Field Crops & Horticulture Crops (2+1)
PBG 401 Crop Biodiversity and Maintenance Breeding
PBG 501 Crop Biodiversity and Maintenance Breeding (1+2)
BTB 502 Commercial Tissue Culture (1+2)
TAU 416 Project Work (0+1)