Department of Crop Management in NCAT

The Department of Crop Management incorporates the disciplines of Agronomy, Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Crop Physiology, Animal Husbandry, Environmental Sciences, Agricultural Microbiology, Forestry and the Farm Management as per the recommendations of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University through the hand book of guidelines for establishing new Agricultural Colleges in Tamil Nadu.

Farm Management

The Department of Crop Management is in-charge of farm management activities too. The Nammazhvar College of Agriculture and Technology is having an area of 250 acres which are divided into Seven Blocks.

  • Block A – Devoted for erection of buildings and other lands are utilized for Crop Production activities. In this block, coconut is inter cropped with different crops like Banana, Watermelon and Cowpea were raised and the details of  crops established  are delineated in Table 1.
  • Block B – Devoted for Orchard in which different fruit trees were planned to be erected in an area of 25 acres. So far, 6 acres of fruit trees have been planted in the block
  • Block C – Devoted for Garden land. In which the agricultural and horticultural crops have been raised. In addition to this, the medicinal garden has also been established with the support of students of NCAT.
  • Block D – Devoted for Dryland crops. Presently this block is dry for want of water source for dryland crops. Wells have become failed in the locale. Alternatives are in the way.
  • Block E – This block is earmarked for establishing the wood lots. Here, Teak, Tamarind, Casuarina, Gmelina and Eucalyptus are planned to be erected.
  • Block F – This block is earmarked for establishing the Botanical Garden. Designing of the botanical garden is in progress and the same will be established during 2017.
  • Block G – This block is earmarked for establishing the Wetland crops like Paddy. However, preparing the block for raising wet land crops are in progress.

Table 1: Area under Different Crops in the Premises of NCAT During 2015-2016

Sl. No Particulars of the Crop Established Area in Acres Yield in (Kgs) Percentage to Total
1 Paddy 05.00 1026 17.53
2 Maize 01.00 1723 03.51
3 Cholam 01.00 985 03.51
4 Cumbu 01.00 1250 03.51
5 Bhendi 01.00 1845 03.51
6 Cluster Beans 00.50 1.76
7 Brinjal 01.00 913 03.51
8 Chillies 03.00 1050 10.53
9 Small Onion 01.00 645 03.51
10 Moringa 02.50 08.77
11 Sunflower 01.00 1400 03.51
12 Coconut 03.50 12.27
13 Orchard 06.00 21.05
14 Pandal Vegetables 00.50 465 01.76
15. Medicinal Garden 00.50 01.76
Total 28.50   100.00

The NCAT is practicing crop production activities in an area of 28 acres within the span of six months and started realizing output. The sale of output from the farm rose to the level of around Rs 2 Lakhs- In addition to the crop production activities, Avenue plantation, dairy promotion activities, Poultry production initiatives, rearing of other birds like pigeon, love birds, ducks, composite fish culture initiatives are also taken up for education purpose of the students pursuing B.Sc.(Ag) Degree Program.

Table 2: Dairy Development and Goat Farming Initiatives in NCAT

Sl. No Name of the Animal/ Birds Name of the Breed Number of Animals
1 Milch Animals Jersey 02
2 Calves Jersey 02
2 Goats Boar, Kanni Aadu  Kodi Aadu and Thalasseri 25
3 Turkey Local 10
4 Poultry Country Birds 40
5 Ducks Local + Hybrid 42
6 Birds – Parrot African Parrot 02
7 Sparrows Different Varieties 32
8 Pigeon Different Varieties 32
9 Love Birds Different Varieties 04 (16 Died)
10 Rabbit White 03 (5)*
11 Dogs Doberman 02 ( Died)
12 Dogs Pomeranian 01 (Died)
13 Dogs Local 03

Table 2 revealed the details of birds and animals raised in the farms of Nammazhvar College of Agriculture and Technology. It included Jersey cows and calves, Goats, Turkeys, Ducks and Dogs. All are different varieties and breeds which will be much useful to the Agricultural Education Program offered in this institute. Besides, NCAT is planning to procure around 50 milch animals of different breeds for Agribusiness initiatives.